Through V. B. perspective: Artworks by Laisvydė Šalčiūtė

2021 11 18 - 2022 02 07
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Have you ever visited an artist’s studio? You can do this by watching the creative process of artist Laisvydė Šalčiūtė during the creation of “Space” (2019).

Laisvydė Šalčiūtė | Atworks | Exhibition | MO Museum

Have you ever visited an artist’s studio? Today, you can do this virtually. MO Museum founder Viktoras Butkus captured the creative process of artist Laisvydė Šalčiūtė during the creation of Space (2019).

In this painting, Šalčiūtė portrays a ballerina shooting up like a rocket. The flying women is also giving birth, joined to tiny astronauts by an umbilical cord. Šalčiūtė depicts a woman viewed as perfect by our society, able to balance her professional career with motherhood. Still, by depicting this woman with a nimbus around her head and light beams emanating from her eyes and breasts, Šalčiūtė also deploys irony, suggesting that such a woman likely belongs to a mythical world, not a real one.

Exhibition of the artworks by Šalčiūtė will be on display until February 7.

About the artist

Various visual cliches, recreated film scenes, and old photographs intertwine in Šalčiūtė’s works exhibited at MO Museum. She uses existing images and, as she herself says, performs an act of environmental protection: deliberately curbing their uncontrolled global proliferation.

In her work, Šalčiūtė explores the traditions of the depiction of women in art. In her images, women are portrayed as both saints and sinners. Her works also feature other elements characteristic of a feminist point of view: in Šalčiūtė’s work, women don’t shy away from their femininity and live their own authentic lives.

A unique artistic technique

Notice the complex artistic technique used by Šalčiūtė as captured in the video piece. She first carves a woodcut and presses it to the canvas with a spoon, then paints the resulting print, thus creating a work featuring elements of both graphic art and painting.

Although trained in graphic art, Šalčiūtė often employs other fields of art in her work: not only painting, but also photography, video art, and objects.