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Support MO Museum

Support MO Museum

This spring has become a real challenge and it is not easy for us either. The activities of the non-profit MO Museum – the survival of the team and exhibitions – depend on ticket sales, from which we collect as much as 50 % of the funds needed to maintain the museum. Therefore, every visitor willing to experience art is extremely important to us.

This period has also stopped the installation of our major exhibition “Why Is It Hard to Love?”. Our foreign curators Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway have not managed to complete the installation works yet. We will be able to do this as soon as international flights are resumed.

Your backing is more important than ever, as you are our support team. We believe that together we can continue to create MO Museum the way we all like it.

Here is how you can support MO Museum:

  • Donate any desired amount to MO Museum
  • Buy MO Museum ticket
  • Acquire a MOdernist Membership

Donate as much as you feel like
Every kind of support is important to us. You can donate any desired amount to MO Museum.

Support MO Museum

We are still working to find a more comfortable solution for your donations. At the moment you can donate by bank transfer. Thank you for your understanding!

To: MO muziejus
IBAN: LT217300010125781421
Subject: Donation
Registration code: 302325629

Support of up to EUR 1,500 does not require any contract. For any support above EUR 1,500 contact and we will send you a support agreement.

MO Museum ticket
With this ticket you can visit and support the museum.

Support MO Museum
Support MO Museum

MOdernist Membership
By purchasing your membership today, you will be able to enjoy it all year round. Are you already a member? Then you certainly know that this is a great gift for a friend, too!

Support MO Museum
Support MO Museum

Let us preserve and continue successfully building MO together!