Kids’ Night at MO Museum – the first one in Lithuania

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MO is offering kids an experience of a lifetime – an overnight camp-in at the museum. The nocturnal adventure is the first one in Lithuania and is going to take place on October 25th‘s evening, after museum‘s working hours. Children aged 9-12 are welcome.

Members of MO were encouraged by the success of the children‘s summer camp at the museum to look out for new experiences for kids in autumn too.

The little night owls – participants of the night camp will experience the museum like never before – after visiting hours and even at night!

New ways to spark children‘s interest

Art comes in handy as a means of building dialogue with children. Members of the museum say that they wish to reveal endless possibilities of talking and telling about the world and also seek to raise important questions to children and let them experience their own personal relationship with art.

“The little night owls – participants of the night camp will experience the museum like never before – after visiting hours and even at night! This might create a lasting life memory that forms a special bond with art. We want to generate diverse experiences for kids, that is why MO educators put together an engaging programme specifically for this camp-in sleepover”, – says Milda Ivanauskienė, director of MO Museum.

A unique exhibition viewing, games, and a treasure hunt too

Music, songs, creative tasks, and even a treasure hunt – MO Museum’s educators are preparing a wide range of activities for children.

The little night owls will be able to participate in such creative activities as making custom T-shirts, painting the museum’s residents (MO’s exhibition characters), a play and a story called “Wanderings Around the Museum” (“Klajonės po muziejų”).

Actors of “Keistuolių Teatras” – Justas Tertelis and Jurgis Marčėnas are preparing a musical programme and a song night. And those who persevere the furthest will be able to enjoy a movie night as well. The participants of the night camp will be treated to dinner, late-night snacks, and breakfast too.

Popular abroad

Night camps abroad have been taking place for many years now and receive fantastic reviews from children. Such nights at the museum are successfully organised by the American Museum of Natural History, The Science Museum in London, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), and other museums in London and various museums all around the world.

What children love the most is the unique opportunity to visit the museum after its working hours when nobody else is there. They also enjoy the creative activities and the chance to wander around the exhibition halls.

What to bring?

One of the most exciting aspects of the camp-in for the kids is sleeping at the museum itself. Therefore, MO museum‘s night camp‘s educators kindly remind of things to bring to the sleepover.

Children must  bring their sleepwear with them, a ground mat, a pillow (if desired), some extra clothes or warm socks, a pair of slippers to feel like at home, a reusable water bottle. Last but not least – be ready to have a spectacular time!

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