Become a MOdernist – support MO and give yourself the gift of inspiring spare time!

Become a MOdernist – support MO and give yourself the gift of inspiring spare time!



All MOdernist memberships, that were valid on the first day of the quarantine (November 7, 2020), will be extended by the duration of the lockdown (132 days).


A MOdernistis a member and a friend of MO Museum, a like-minded co-creator.  Our members help us create the museum, meanwhile we strive to fill and imbue quality to their leisure.

“The membership serves as a magic wand that allows me to hide from haste, noise or dumpling-lit sky of Vilnius streets and immerse into colors of art!” – Monika, MOdernist

MOdernists are curious, open to art and new experiences. They supports the idea of an independent, modern museum.

“It is a pleasure to contribute to the building of a meaningful community as well as be a part of it and support the being of a beautiful and vibrant spaces of Vilnius.” Martynas, MOdernist

All the profit received from the purchases of MOdernist memberships will be used in support of museum’s operations: exhibitions, art events, kids education as well as publishing of art literature.

MOdernists are the supporters of the museum, so we are sharing MO with you!

MOdernistu diena | MO muziejus

Annual MOdernist Membership includes:

  • guided previews of the main exhibitions
  • unlimited free exhibition visits
  • unlimited access to MO Reading Room
  • free access to all events requiring a museum ticket
  • possibility to bring up to 4 children under 18 years old free of charge
  • 10% discount at the MO Shop
  • 10% discount at the MO Bistro
  • 10% discount for pre-booked group activities (tours or other educational activities)
  • exclusive MOdernists’ events
  • special offers for other events
  • exclusive information – just for MOdernists

The MOdernist membership can be purchased either at the museum ticket office, or online. Should you acquire your membership online, please present a purchasing document at the ticket office and we will issue and register your card there. The membership is valid for one year after the card is registered. All MOdernists should obtain their entrance sticker at the ticket office each time upon arrival to the museum.