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From November 7th, after announcing quarantine in Lithuania, all the museums will be closed, and no visitors will be allowed. Although visiting the museum will not be allowed for the next three weeks, we promise: MO is not just a physical building, MO is more than a museum. What to expect?

For the second quarantine, we introduce visitors to the MO blog with specially designed new and inspiring content. In this way, we aim to compensate visitors for the missed opportunity to attend MO exhibitions, events, conversations and meetings.

MO blog – a place where you meet culture and art

“We welcome the second quarantine by saying: ”MO is more than a museum.” So, we will actively create and offer a variety of content on MO blog. In addition to articles, conversations or interviews, we will present a new video content, podcast, quizzes and other virtual content for all ages every week, including the youngest friends of MO Museum”, says Milda Ivanauskienė, Director of MO Museum.

She adds that MO Museum blog will become home to various content about culture and art during this quarantine period.

Iš tos operos | Kūrybiniai susitikimai | online | MO muziejus

The events will take place online

Iš tos operos | Kūrybiniai susitikimai | online | MO muziejus

The postponed or canceled November events will be held in a video format. We will also be creating special videos of MO Museum guides and educators about different artists and their artworks, a guided tour of our main exhibition “Why Is It Hard to Love?”.

We will continue to organize creative workshops with different artists, that started this autumn. In the near future, we will be presenting a cycle of virtual creative workshops with Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė, Egle Ridikaitė, and Eglė Vertelkaitė.

Together with Vilnius City Opera, we will virtually invite you to the planned meetings with opera soloist Edgaras Montvidas, a virtual meeting with scenographers Marijus Jacovskis and Jonas Morrellis, lighting artist Peter Mumford, video artist Rimas Sakalauskas. In the near future, a conversation about electronic opera with Marijus Adomaitis (Ten Walls), opera soloist Justina Gringytė and Leon Somov will be held online as well.

Family Sundays will also take place online

Šeimų sekmadieniai su teatru „Pradžia“ | naujienos | MO muziejus

We will continue the tradition of Family Sundays. Although the events cannot take place live, we will present different games and activities for children every Sunday.

“We have already noticed the habit of families to participate in Family Sundays. Although at the moment we cannot do it live, we promise to offer a new game or activity for children every Sunday during the whole quarantine”, adds M. Ivanauskienė.

Šeimų sekmadieniai su teatru „Pradžia“ | naujienos | MO muziejus

For our loyal Back2school fans – the lectures will continue online

The hugely popular Back2school lectures with Ričardas Jankauskas will also be continued online. They will be filmed and made available to our supporters – MOdernists and patreons of MO Museum.

New podcasts

We only introduced the podcasts at the end of October, so we promise unique content to all listeners during the quarantine.

For this quarantine, we will create a podcast with Danguolė Butkienė, the founder of MO Museum. In addition, a conversation with a psychologist, psychotherapist Eugenijus Laurinaitis, and both of Kostas Smoriginai will be found on the podcast. We will also have podcasts from previous openings of the exhibitions, poetry readings and other MO events.

Naujienos | Parduotuvė 1 | MO muziejus

MO Shop will be working and you will be able to order takeaway from MO Bistro

Naujienos | Parduotuvė 1 | MO muziejus

Even though the museum remains closed, MO Shop continues to operate and visitors are welcome. Here you can find a selection of various books for children and adults, exclusive works of Lithuanian design, souvenirs, different prints of artworks from MO collection, the most popular items of MO exhibitions, environmentally friendly offers, notebooks and other small things. MO Shop will be open every day from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. And for those who are already used to visiting MO Bistro, we currently offer the takeaway opportunity.

More news coming soon

We promise – this is not all the news for the second quarantine!

“We have a variety of ideas and plans that we hope will be implemented in the near future. We want to enrich the daily life of quarantine, so we are looking for new ways of artistic and cultural experience, which we will introduce soon”, says M. Ivanauskienė.

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