We will donate the money raised from MO tickets to the Ukraine Support Fund

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MO stands with Ukraine

MO Museum cares! Therefore, in support of Ukraine and its people, we invite you to visit the MO Museum throughout this remaining week (until Sunday 27 February included), and we will donate all the money raised from the museum tickets to the Blue/Yellow Foundation.

UPDATE: Thank you to all the visitors of the MO Museum who helped us raise 8,812 euros for the Blue/Yellow Foundation in the first week of the war in Ukraine. In this way, everyone who sought solace in the museum could also contribute to supporting this country, rich in people and spirit.

Also today, we has made an offer to the Strong Together to welcome refugees from Ukraine to the museum for a free of charge visit. If you would like to contribute to helping Ukraine, please fill in the form:


Donate directly

As a reminder, you can also support Blue/Yellow directly:

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