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33 minutės patyrimo | MO muziejus

In May, after a break of more than 2 months in quarantine, we presented an innovative 33-minutes experience to revitalize different senses.

”In only a few months, we found ourselves in a new reality. With this in mind, we came up with a new and unprecedented 33-minute feeling-reviving experience”, remembers  Milda Iavanauskienė, director at MO Museum.

Observing today’s situation and understanding the fears of our visitors, we want to remind and reassure that the 33-minute-experience is intriguing, mysterious, and most importantly – a safe experience: 12 participants per 200 square meters of MO eventa hall area. So, it is an experience that maintains maximum safety distances and revitalizes various sensations.

What is the 33-minute experience?

It is the latest non-traditional format offered by MO – a 33-minute safe and up-to-date individual visitor experience. A versatile interpretation and surprise of the work of art that awaits you. It’s an experience that’s is also accompanied by sounds and even taste.

Here you’ll find out about the moment when the past meets the future. What is the present we live in? How is the past chasing us? Where are we moving, especially when it comes to food culture? All of these interpretations are inspired by the artwork exhibited in front of you throughout the whole experience.

We do not give out all the details – everyone needs to experience and feel it personally. A lot of intrigues – so, come and experience yourself!

Urtė Mikelevičiūtė was in charge of combining food and the experience of taste while MO Bistro made it happen.

In charge of the text – cultural historian Tomas Vaiseta and the author of the book Evening Stories for Lithuanian Girls – Viktorija Aprimaitė.

The voice of text – Paulius Markevičius.

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