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MOgazinas | MO muziejus

The desire to help more people discover culture has motivated MO Museum to look for new ways of achieving it. This is how the first MO magazine, MOgazine, was born. On November 4, Žmonės magazine subscribers will be the first ones to see the first MOgazine dedicated to the theme of celebration.

Later on, the magazine is planned to be published twice a year. Each issue will seek to expand the topics and questions of MO Museum’s major exhibitions.

Art as an everyday experience

MOgazinas | MO muziejus

MO Museum presents important topics in exhibitions that invite visitors to make their own reflections.  In the MOgazine, society members are also invited to engage in important dialogues and discussions.

The magazine idea came from our desire to share and talk about the topics covered in our museum’s exhibitions, to make the museum even more accessible and to remind us that all art is about us. MOgazine is like a lifestyle magazine that introduces artists and creators in an easy and engaging way, including well-known people familiar to the public, says Milda Ivanauskienė, director of MO Museum.

MO Museum partners, the magazine Žmonės, also seeks to inspire individuals to get interested  in culture and art.

Every week in Žmonės magazine, we try to reflect different colors of life. Collaboration with MO Museum is natural and organic for us, because they talk about the diversity of life through art. It is important for us that our readers spend their free time in a meaningful way. That is why we are so happy to give our subscribers the opportunity to be the first readers of the MOgazine, says Vaidotas Valantiejus, Marketing Manager of Žmonės magazine.

MOgazinas | MO muziejus
MOgazinas | MO muziejus

How do celebrations change us?

MOgazinas | MO muziejus

The first issue of MOgazine discusses the topic of celebration and serves as the extension for the photography exhibition Celebrate for Change” currently on display at MO Museum.

Presenting the first issue, the editor-in-chief of the magazine Viktorija Aprimaitė shares: What do the holidays symbolize us? Internal growth, overcoming barriers, breaking free from norms, allowing yourself to just be. There are a variety of ways to celebrate, so in the first issue, together with the artists from different generations and expertise, we open the way for the readers to experience their own celebration. How broad is this word? It is passed on and transformed from generation to generation. Taking more and more forms, what does this word mean for us?”

Celebration: themes, flavours and smells

MOgazinas | MO muziejus

MO Museum’s exhibition’s Celebrate for Change” curator Tomas Pabedinskas introduces readers to the theme of the celebration and makes an introduction for various heroes of the magazine.

Singer Gabrielė Vilkickytė talks about different holidays and what we experience during them, designer Liucija Kvašytė analyzes clothes as a vital element of any festivity, and culinary expert Beata Nicholson invites to create a celebration every day. Psychotherapist Eugenijus Laurinaitis analyzes the changes we are going through during the holidays, and scent artist Laimė Kiškūnė reveals what the holiday scent is or can be.

Sociologist Giedrė Plepytė-Davidavičienė raises the question of why we photograph celebrations and what it says about us, and sustainability expert Audronė Alijošiūtė-Paulauskienė asks readers the (un)rhetorical question what remains after the celebration is over?”

Readers of the magazine can also dive into conversations with photographers Romualdas and Monika Požerskiai, Visvaldas Morkevičius, Vilma Samulionytė, Aušra Griškonytė-Volungė, Artūras Morozovas and Tadas Kazakevičius.

MOgazinas | MO muziejus
MOgazinas | MO muziejus

Themes and design are timeless

MOgazinas | MO muziejus

MOgazine, according to MO representatives, will stay relevant for a long time. Both the themes of the magazine and its design are timeless.

I am glad that MO managed to convey the values ​​and identity of the magazine through the content, the colors and the work of the artists. The decision to choose classic book paper gives this publication even more charm and timelessness. I believe that MOgazine will be of interest to both younger and older generations,” says designer Tadas Karpavičius.


New magazine – 2 times a year

It is planned to publish the magazine twice a year, in connection with the themes of the major exhibitions of MO Museum. The first subscribers of the magazine “Žmonės” will be able to evaluate the magazine MOgazine will reach them on November 4. Soon, MOgazine will also be available at MO Shop.

Creative team of the MOgazine: editor-in-chief Viktorija Aprimaitė, designer Tadas Karpavičius, photographer Šarūnė Zurba, language editor Jurgita Jačėnaitė.

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