MO Museum Annual Report 2021

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Last year, after being completely closed for almost 3 months and later operating with restrictions, MO Museum attracted more than 90,000 museum visitors, almost 400,000 virtual visitors and more than 12,000 schoolchildren who took part in the educational activities that took place during only half of the year.

The prestigious European Museum of the Year Award as the most welcoming and friendly museum in Europe, an aspiration of opening up museums in Lithuania during COVID-19 situation, international exhibitions, a focus on emotional health and sustainability, also virtual content – these are the keywords of MO Museum last year. We are happy to share what we created in 2021 and look forward to sharing what awaits MO visitors this year, in 2022.

We’ve put it all together in the pages of the 2021 MO Museum Annual Report!

Take a virtual look:

You can also download our report in PDF format:

Permainų šventė | Didžioji paroda | MO muziejus
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Didžioji paroda | Sunkus amžius | MO muziejus
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