“Erudito licėjus” to become the major sponsor of MO Museum

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One of the key goals of MO Museum is to develop the most important competencies of the 21st century – creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate and cooperate. “Erudito licėjus” joins the museum in its efforts to fulfill this goal by becoming its major sponsor this year.

Together the two institutions will create new educational activities for the museum, develop teachers’ competencies, and the synergy between formal and informal education.

A partnership that began from the exhibition for the children

Paroda vaikams | Ežeras pilnas žvaigždžių | MO muziejus

MO Museum focused strongly on children in 2021. Children’s night at the museum was held for the first time, during the summer various camps took place alongside weekly family events – “Family Sundays”. Also, for the first time in Lithuania, the exhibition for children opened – “Lake full of stars”. It quickly became the most visited family exhibition in MO. And it was opened together with “Erudito licėjus” – the major partner of the exhibition.

According to the head of MO, Milda Ivanauskienė, one of the most important criteria for a successful partnership is matching values. “All educational activities of MO are created with the intention to develop the skills of critical thinking, argumentation, and cooperation in children. Through experience, they cultivate their imagination and creativity. The same philosophy is applied in all programs of “Erudito licėjus”. That is why this partnership complements the work of MO museum so organically”, – shared M. Ivanauskienė.

Paroda vaikams | Ežeras pilnas žvaigždžių | MO muziejus
Erudito licėjus | Didysis rėmėjas | MO muziejus
Erudito licėjus | Didysis rėmėjas | MO muziejus

We, MO Museum, are glad, that the success of last year’s partnership lead to the continuation of our cooperation this year – “Erudito licėjus” bolstered the ranks of the major sponsors of MO Museum.

The founder and head of “Erudito licėjus” Ph. D. Nerijus Pačėsa finds joy in the partnership and its common foundation of values and worldviews on modern education through experience.

“Experience-based, integrated, learning provides a child with the key to set his creative powers free. In order to have an active educational process that is inclusive and tolerant, we have to provide opportunities for our teachers to continuously hone their skills. The educational activities and exhibitions of the MO Museum open a lot of new perspectives and are a great addition to our innovative educational programs. That is why the idea of a joint venture was so natural as soon as our friendship started last year”, – says N. Pačėsa, head of “Erudito licėjus”.

In the plans for 2022: new educational activities and focus on the teachers

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This year the plans of “Erudito licėjus” and MO includes the creation of joint educational activities for the students of “Erudito licėjus”, the sponsorship of the exhibition “Kaunas–Vilnius: moving mountains” and the development of teacher’s competencies through new experiences.

MO Museum is a space for teachers to meet, communicate and create joint ventures. At the moment the community of MO teachers passes brings together over 2 500 teachers.

MO teachers pass is an individual and free membership that provides the chance to visit the exhibitions of MO for free. The members of the MO teachers pass community are invited to a conference in the museum every autumn, they receive newsletters and are the first to learn of renewed educational programs in the museum and to receive relevant information on the seminars, conferences, and other cultural or educational activities for teachers in MO.

Now, the teacher communities of Kaunas, Vilnius, and “Erudito licėjus” will be able to share these experiences and the best practices that modern education has developed.


MOkytojo paso konferencija | Edukacija | Emocinis intelektas | MO muziejus
Paroda vaikams | Ežeras pilnas žvaigždžių | MO muziejus | Edukacija
MOkytojo paso konferencija | Edukacija | Emocinis intelektas | MO muziejus

“We have no doubt that this will have a positive and concrete impact on the development of interdisciplinary educational activities and the creation of meaningful cultural activities for the teachers, the parents, and the children”, – shared M. Ivanauskienė, head of MO.

More about MO educational activities

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