Lake full of Stars

2021 06 06 - 2021 11 07
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This June we will present a unique exhibition – an exhibition for children “Lake full of Stars”.


Exhibition for childer | Lake full of stars | MO Museum

This June we will present a unique exhibition – an exhibition for children.

Specifically designed interactive spatial solutions will encourage children to experience the exhibition with all their senses. Children will have many opportunities to discover the joy and benefits of a creative relationship with nature as well as with art from the MO collection. This is an exhibition like no other at MO Museum!

Games, hands-on activations and different sensory experiences will allow children to know art and make nurturing connections with culture. Trying things out, experimenting and creating are presented as the key components to experiential learning. Parallel to this strategy we spotlight “dialogue” as the best way to strengthen children’s cultural reflection. To facilitate the discussion we embedded the Visual Thinking Strategy developed at the MoMA Museum in various fun dialogue tools.

The exhibition is curated by MO Museum educator Karen Vanhercke. She has been organising experiential educations in museums for more than 15 years.

The exhibition features activities for children of all ages, as well as adults – those who want to get to know the exhibition together with their little ones or just reconnect with their childhood in a positive way.

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