Art Break

2018 10 18 - 2018 12 31
Entrance with a MO Museum ticket.
MOdernists – free entrance.



About the exhibition

When looking at or creating serious works of art it is sometimes worth stopping for a moment to try to see things differently. So, we present you the ironic attitude of Julija Linkutė & Dovilė Bagdonaitė to themselves and their environment, and toward the creative process itself.

Exhibition “Art Break” is like a humour-tinged self- reflection offering everyone a moment of respite. It makes life seem a little easier and can be therapeutic for both artist and viewer.

The exhibition is in MO Museum Reading Room.
Check the table in the Reading Room. You will find the portfolios of the exhibition authors as well as the the first poetry book by Dovilė.


Exhibition team

Curator: Danguolė Butkienė
Design: Agnė Dautartaitė Krutulė
Coordinator: Miglė Survilaitė