We've been supporting from the start

We've been supporting from the start

We support the Ukrainian people with all our hearts. Since the first days of the war in Ukraine, by loudly saying MAKE ART, NOT WAR, we have been trying and striving to contribute to the support of Ukraine, as well as to the emotional health. We must remain calm, united and provide help to those who need it most. This is especially important today.


MO muziejus | Stand with Ukraine
MO muziejus | Stand with Ukraine

Guided tours for Ukrainians

Susitikimas, kurio nebuvo | Didžioji paroda | MO muziejus

In MO Museum, we were inviting Ukrainians to participate in the guided tours in the major exhibition “The Meeting That Never Was“. The tours were free of charge.

Financial support for Ukraine

MO muziejus | Stand with Ukraine

Thank you to all the visitors of the MO Museum who helped us raise 8,812 for the Blue/Yellow Foundation in the first week of the war in Ukraine. In this way, everyone who sought solace in the museum could also contribute to supporting this country, rich in people and spirit.

Together, until the victory!


You can continue to contribute to Ukrainian citizens when you visit MO Museum. When you buy a standard MO Museum ticket and choose it with an additional € 2 or € 5 donation, you not only support the events and activities of the MO Museum but also contribute to a free museum ticket for Ukrainians.

With you, we can support more strongly. Thank you!

We acquired artworks in support of Ukraine

We can support Ukraine by buying (and artists, by selling) artworks, and donating the money to Ukrainian foundations. One of the new acquisitions to the MO Collection in March arrived in this manner.

Vytautas Viržbickas’ sculpture, “Pokyčių Vėjelis” (Breeze of Change), was included in MO’s collection in exchange for € 6,000 donated to the “Blue/Yellow Foundation”. More in LT

Vytautas Viržbickas | Pokyčių vėjelis | MO kolekcija | MO muziejus
Vytautas Viržbickas
Breeze of Change, 2018
MO Collection

Special film screenings. The Earth is Blue as an Orange

Mėlynas kaip apelsinas žemė | Specialūs kino seansai | Parama Ukrainai | MO muziejus

On 11 March, we hosted two screenings of the film “The Earth is Blue as an Orange” by the Ukrainian director Iryna Tsilyk.

Thanks to everyone who came to these film screenings. We sold 196 tickets and all the funds raised – € 1,568 – are donated the Blue/Yellow Foundation and the family of the film’s heroine Anna.


The emphasis on emotional and mental health

Eugenijus Laurinaitis | eMOcinė sveikata | MO muziejus

Lecture by psychotherapist Eugenijus Laurinaitis

In this time of war crisis, it is very important to take care of our emotional health, to calm down, not to panic, and to concentrate on our daily activities.

That is why on 5 March we invited everyone to a lecture by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Prof. Dr. Eugenijus Laurinaitis on anxiety in emergency situations and how we can reduce it.


The night will pass. Ukrainian poetry readings

On 25 March we invited MO visitors to Ukrainian poetry readings, where we read together with Ukrainian poets who have taken part in literary events in Lithuania.

The ticket for the event was a donation to the “Ukrainos Namai” for the victims of the war. Thank you very much for everyone who came to listen!

Lizaveta German | Pokalbis apie meną karo metu | MO muziejus

Talk with Ukrainian art critic Lizaveta German

We create a friendly and comfortable environment for Ukrainian people to speak at the MO Museum.

Therefore, on April 8th, we invited the public to a virtual talk about art during war times with Lizaveta German, a Ukrainian art critic and one of the curators of the Ukrainian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, partnered with The Naked Room Gallery in Kiev. Lizaveta has just left Kiev.

Tickets to the talk are a € 5 donation. All the money raised from the tickets was donated to the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fond.


Lecture about Ukrainian women in art with Valentina Ryvlina | Ukrainian Days

We joined the Ukrainian Days programme organized by GO Vilnius. On May 14th we invited the public to a lecture about Ukrainian women artists with Valentina Ryvlina from Ukraine.

The event was free of charge for war refugees from Ukraine. The lecture was also held in Ukrainian.

Exhibition of Support: “Ukraine: A Breaking Point”

Ukraina: Lūžio būsena | Audiovizuali paroda | MO muziejus

Together with Inconvenient Films and NARA, we held the audio-visual exhibition, “Ukraine: A Breaking Point”, in our event space from May 1925th. This exhibition brings together stories, photographs, and testimonials of survivors of the Ukrainian war gathered by the LRT photojournalist, Benas Gerdžiūnas, and NARA multimedia curators Denis Vėjas and Tomas Valkauskas.

Thanks to all the visitors, € 2,002.96 was collected to support Lithuanian humanitarian missions to Ukraine by “A Drop in the Sea”.

Visiting museum for free

Permainų šventė | Didžioji paroda | MO muziejus

We want everyone to be able to find peace in a museum. Especially those who are in desperate need of it right now. As a museum, we are always ready to provide it.

That is why all refugees from Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens living in Lithuania can visit MO Museum for free.

If you would like to contribute to Ukraine, please fill in the Strong Together form:

Goods in the MO Shop to support Ukraine

MO muziejus | Stand with Ukraine

To support and spread the word!

In the MO Shop you will also find a special table with MO goods that spread the message of support for Ukraine.

These include reproductions and postcards of Lithuanian artist Eglė Gineitytė’s artwork, “RED ARMY GO HOME” demanding socks, and accessories from MO’s friends, MARCH and Make Heads Turn.

MO goods can be found not only in the MO Museum’s shop but also online MO e-shop.

All the profits from Ukraine-supporting MO goods are donated to the Blue/Yellow Foundation.

MO books for Ukrainian children

MO muziejus | Stand with Ukraine

For Ukrainian children coming to Lithuania, we collected MO books, coloring books and visual card games.

We want to contribute to the first days of Ukrainian children in Lithuania with to the light and soothing activities of art.

Relations and cooperation with art museums abroad

MO muziejus | ekskursija su architektu

Since the early days of the war in Ukraine, our colleagues have been in contact with museums and partners in Europe, urging them to take a stand, to react and to not be indifferent when war is happening right next to us.

We are still in touch, and we invite them to contribute to the aid to Ukraine and to keep talking about this issue. We are all strong together!

Please also note that MO Museum has no partnerships with Belarusian or Russian art institutions, so no cooperation is taking place.

Calm down and support

MO muziejus | Mokytojų konferencija

We need to protect our emotional health, talk, take time out of our normal routine, maintain social contacts and relationships. All this will help us get away from anxious thoughts, reduce stress and restore a sense of normality. That’s the advice we give you, and that’s the advice we give ourselves!

Slava Ukraini!

Information for Ukrainian citizens

Here you can find the information by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on what help or services can be expected from war refugees from Ukraine:

Want to help or volunteer?

Every persons’ help and support is extremely important. We contribute ourselves and we invite you to contribute however you can. Here is a list of different organizations which you can either volunteer with or donate to in support of Ukraine.


Lietuvos Caritas: FILL THE FORM
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Strong Together: FILL THE FORM


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