Support MO

Support MO

Palaikyk MO muzieju

We believe that together we can continue to create MO Museum that we love.

Here is how you can support MO Museum:

  • Become MO Museum Patron, Sponsor or Partner
  • Join the Ambassador club or the Friends club
  • Join the Business membership
  • Purchase the MOdernist membership

Patronage, sponsorship and partnerships

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MO is visited by 100 000 to 200 000 visitors yearly. It comprises to only up to 2850% of our income. The rest is being financed by museum’s patrons, sponsors, and partners. Without them MO wouldn’t be the way it is. We learn from the best museum partnerships and develop new practices in Lithuania.

Let’s meet for a coffee and a private, safe tour at MO to discuss potential patronages and partnerships. Or send as an email and we will share a report on MO Museum and its activities.

Mindaugas Morkūnas

Ambassador and Friend clubs


Ambassador and Friend clubs are important supporters of MO vision and MO team. They ensure the organization is sustainable and is able to create professional and quality services available for everyone. Ambassadors and Friends participate in private events and exhibition previews, keep in touch with MO team, have private MO art consultancies and other non traditional experiences.

We offer two types of Ambassador club membership – for 1 person (3 000 EUR) and for 2 persons (5 000 EUR) per year. And two types of Friend club membership – for 1 person (500 EUR) and for 2 persons (1 000 EUR) per year.

For more information please email or fill in the MO Ambassador club or MO Friend club request form.


Business membership


Business membership is a community of businesses that support MO Museum’s mission as well as enjoy exceptional experience for their employees or clients.

Business members:

  • Support MO Museum’s development
  • Gets a closer look at MO museum during individual tours
  • Enjoy a discount when hiring MO Museum venues
  • Give incentives to their employees or clients
  • Get a personal MO contact for information about MO activities and exhibitions

If you are interested or have any questions, let’s get in touch:

MOdernist membership

MOdernistas | MO muziejus

By purchasing your membership today, you will be able to enjoy it all year round. Are you already a member? Then you certainly know that this is a great gift for a friend, too!