Do I need to register in advance to visit the Museum?

No, pre-registration is not required for visiting the Museum. Tickets for the visit are available at the MO Museum ticket office or can be purchased online.

We offer guided MO tours. More info: Group visit.

How can I buy a Museum ticket?

The MO Museum ticket for the visit on the same day is available at the MO Museum ticket office. Also, exhibition tickets for the upcoming days are available online.

Can I pay for my ticket by card?

When purchasing a ticket at the Museum`s ticket office, you can either pay by cash or by bank card.

Does the Museum have Wi-Fi?

Yes, all guests at the Museum can use the free “MO Guest” Wi-Fi connection.

Will I go to the Museum without a queue when I buy a ticket online?

With the MO Museum ticket purchased online, please come to our ticket office to get Museum’s visitors sticker.

Does MO Museum have a parking lot?

Arriving at the Museum by car, it can be parked in public areas and in Vilnius city parking areas.

How can I get a closer look at the exhibition?

A great companion to the exhibition is the e-guide of MO Museum. You can listen to it on your phone, tablet or computer. If you need headphones, do not worry – we’ll give them too.
If you are planning to visit the Museum in advance, we recommend booking MO guided tour.  More info: Guided tours. 

Where can I get more information about events at the Museum?

All the information about the events taking place at the Museum is available here: Exhibitions  & events.
Events and relevant information is also posted on our Facebook.

How often will the Museum change exhibitions?

We will have 2 exhibitions per year in our Main Hall (Autumn and Spring). In the Small Hall, the exhibitions will change more often. We plan to change 3 or 4 exhibitions a year in the Small Hall.

I would like to visit the Museum with a child. Is there a childcare room?

Yes, we are waiting for you with the little ones. The Museum has a childcare room (on the second floor).

I want to come to the Museum with a child. Does MO Museum have a special program for children?

MO Museum aims to make children feel entertained at the Museum, so they would love to come back here.
We prepared a children’s book called MOmukai. This is a book where children have to accomplish creative tasks, and parents can learn some interesting facts too.

Also, every Sunday, MO organizes Family Sundays and special activities for children (all activities in Lithuanian, more information at MO Museum Events calendar).

Please note that Family Sundays are organized when Main Exhibition is on display.

Is the Museum adapted for people with disabilities?

Yes, the Museum is waiting for everyone. For people with disabilities, there are lifts, special bathrooms. MO Museum and its exposition halls are also suitable for people with disabilities. More information about accessibility in MO Museum: mo.lt/en/accessibility

Are there guided tours at the MO Museum?

Yes, guided tours are organized at the MO Museum. More information and registration: Guided tours. 

We plan to come to the Museum with the group. Do we need to notify in advance?

For your own convenience, we recommend that you inform us about group visits in advance: mo@mo.lt or call us +370 609 83764.  We will plan the date and time of your visit.

We are a school group. What kind of activities for school children does the Museum offer?

MO Museum offers various educational programs for schoolchildren: emotional intelligence education, a dialogue in the Museum through visual thinking and integrated lessons.

We suggest you register and plan your educational activities in advance. More info: Education.

Is there a permanent MO ticket?

There is no permanent ticket to the MO Museum. However, we suggest joining the MO Museum community – MOdernists.

Everyone who has purchased the MOdernist’s card supports the Museum and visits the exhibition of the MO Museum free of charge at any time convenient for them. MOdernists are the first to know about the Museum’s latest news, as well as special offers.

After visiting the exhibition I want to buy souvenirs and gifts. Does the Museum have a bookstore or a shop?

We have MO Shop. It offers you a wide range of books, other publications, MO notebooks an various souvenirs. The greatest distinctive feature of the MO Shop is  the works that were specially designed for MO Museum by Lithuanian designers: jewelry, candles, watches, cups, leggings, scarves and others.

I am a MOdernist. Can I visit the Museum free of charge?

Great! You are a member of the MO Museum community and support the idea of MO. MOdernists with a valid MOdernist card can visit the exhibition at MO Museum free of charge.

What books can be found in the MO Reading Room? Can I take these books home?

More than 3000 books on art, museums, their architecture, education and management can be found in the MO Museum reading Room. Books on the history of Lithuanian culture from the postwar period to the present as well. A separate section for books on Vilnius and its architecture too.

Those who are interested in art history will be able to find ways on how to improve their knowledge. Different periods and forms of art – from painting and graphics to textiles and ceramics. Books on theatre, music and dance. We invite you to take a seat in our MO Reading Room with your favorite book in hands!

Can I visit the Museum with my pets?

We love pets, but we must respect the interests of allergic visitors. Therefore, be sure not to bring your pets inside the premises of the Museum.

Can I take photos and film at the Museum?

You are welcome to take photographs and film the exterior, interior, surrounding territory of the MO Museum’s building and its expositions free of charge (without using stands and flashes) only for personal purposes.

We want to organize a private event at the MO Museum. Is this possible and who should I contact?

MO Museum rents premises. Please write: nuoma@mo.lt

I think I lost something at the MO Museum. Does the Museum have a lost&found box and where should I apply?

MO Museum temporarily stores found objects in the lost&found box. If you think that you have lost something at the Museum, contact us: mo@mo.lt or +370 609 83764.

I want to join the MO volunteers. What should I do?

Great news! We are very excited and looking forward to seeing your. Please email us: mo@mo.lt