2022 02 10 - 2022 08 14
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Last chance to see the newest photographs by artist Andrew Miksys from BAXT, a project about the Romani people in Lithuania for the past 20 years.

BAXT | Andrew Miksys | Mažoji paroda | MO Museum

A unique opportunity to critically reflect on the situation of the Romani in Lithuania and Europe from a historical, social, political and artistic perspective. The exhibition presents for the first time the newest photographs by artist Andrew Miksys from BAXT, a project that has been documenting the lives of Romani people in Lithuania for the past 20 years.

Last chance to see – only until August 14!

An installation about the dismantling of the former Roma settlement in Kirtimai is being created especially for this exhibition. Also, visitors are able to learn more about Romani culture in an educational programme suitable for the whole family.

The exhibition is a part of the Vilnius 700th anniversary programme.

More about the exhibition

baxt /bacht/ n. luck; fate; destiny; fortune; karma; kismet.

Andrew Miksys encountered the people captured in his portraits during two decades of travels throughout Lithuania, from Vilnius to Žagarė. Miksys’ focus is aimed at fundamental humanity. In his photographs, he captures the expressive living environment of his subjects, full of references to everyday joys and hardships.

Miksys doesn’t idealize the people he photographs, but instead seeks to reveal each of their personalities. He suggests embracing a critical view of the need to define people exclusively according to their ethnicity and invites us to consider how stereotypes applied to entire communities affect the lives of specific individuals.

It is a chance to delve deeper, through the visual arts, into different points of view and life experiences and explore the possible fate of Lithuania’s Roma community.

Exhibition Team

Curator – Andrew Miksys
Consulting Curator – Ugnė Paberžytė
Exhibition Architect – Dominykas Šavelis
Exhibition Designer – Akvilė Paukštytė
Essay author – Laimonas Briedis
Translators: Skaistė Aleksandravičiūtė, Rumina Rumianceva, Darius Sužiedėlis
Language editors: Audra Kairienė, Gopalas Michailovskis, Darius Sužiedėlis

Exhibition Partners

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Institutional Sponsor


Andrew Miksys
Spartak. Pajuodupis, 2006
Chromogeninis atspaudas, 80 x 100
Autoriaus nuosavybė