Installation “Embodied emotions”

2024 02 08 - 2024 12 31
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Instaliacijos vizualas | Įkūnytos emocijos | MO muziejus

This installation expands the boundaries of the visible body and uses sound to explore the relationship between physical sensations and emotions. MO Museum visitors are invited on a journey to better understand the body: to delve into intimate, often overlooked subtleties of the human senses, and to discover individual sensations and emotions.


Installation authors – DADADA studio
Sound artist – Bogusz Tworek
Installation volumes created by Liepa Aliukaitė
MO Museum team: Eglė Dvilevičė, Karilė Mozerytė, Miglė Survilaitė, Dominykas Šavelis

The installation closing date will be confirmed soon.

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