Light Installation. G’astronomic Vilnius

2022 11 08 - 2022 12 28
Gastronomic Vilnius | Installation | MO terrace

Until December 28, we invite you to experience the light artist Kotryna Čalkaitė’s G’astronomic Vilnius installation, which can be seen on the terrace of the MO Museum.

The light installation is free of charge for everyone and shines at any time of the day. But the stars shine the brightest at night!

About the initiative

Vilnius is giving a symbolic gift and recognition to the city’s entire gastronomy ecosystem. These are three certificates of the Alpha, Beta and Nu Fornacis stars in the Fornax constellation, shining for lightyears in the universe above our beloved planet Earth.

The stars are a part of the constellation Fornax visible in autumn and winter and are located 46.43, 177.99, and 371.05 lightyears away. The three purchased and registered stars—which can be seen on the Night Sky Guide app—are named “G’Astronomic Vilnius” and are intended “For restaurants that make up Vilnius’ gastronomic ecosystem, which shine so bright they’re worthy of real stars.”

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