Slow Art Day: MO Conversations

2021 04 10
10:00 - 17:00

We are joining the movement of International Slow Art Day! So, on April 10 we are going to celebrate this by inviting you to 4 online image discussions – MO Conversations

Slow Art Day | MO conversations | MO Museum

We are joining the movement of International Slow Art Day! Together with other museums like British Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art we want to celebrate this day by inviting you to 4 online image discussions MO Conversations! 

The idea of Slow Art Day is that everyone can enjoy art, without prior knowledge and without being told how or where to look. Inclusive art experience is important for us and that is why for this international event we offer our image discussions in English, Russian as well as Lithuanian. The sessions are free and take place online. Be sure to try one! 

Connecting and discussing a single artwork for an entire hour with a skilled facilitator is like nothing you have experienced in a museum before. Our secret is “personal relevance” and you will be amazed how much relevance Lithuanian modern art has for you!  Our facilitators are all well versed in a discussion technique called VTS: visual thinking strategy. It’s a proven formula that connects people to art, and to each other. 

The slogan of MO Museum says “Have your own opinion”. So, MO Conversations are a great way to share it! After all, we all see each artwork differently. By discussing this together we can discover new points of view and new perspectives. 

We will have 4 discussions this Saturday:

  • 10 am MO Conversations with Karen Vanhercke (English)
  • 12 pm MO Conversations with Simona Košinskaitė (Lithuanian)
  • 2 pm MO Conversations with Irina Leto (Russian)
  • 4 pm MO Conversations with Justina Kaminskaitė (Lithuanian)


So, don’t miss it – join MO Conversations!

MO Conversations will last 1 hour and will be on Zoom platform. We will send the links to everyone registered at least 1 hour prior to the discussion. 

We wish you an inspiring time!