Why Is It Hard to Love?

2020 06 20 - 2021 01 31
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MO Museum | Exhibition Why Is It Hard to Love

About the exhibition

MO Museum opens a new exhibition Why Is It Hard to Love?. It is curated by innovative Dutch multimedia artist and director Saskia Boddeke and one of the most original and important filmmakers of our times Peter Greenaway. The exhibition becomes a work of art itself as Greenaway and Boddeke presents site-specific immersive installations in relation to the highlights of Lithuanian contemporary art from the MO Museum and other collections.

Why Is It Hard to Love? is a story of how we, as humans, strive for equilibrium in life by arranging the good and the bad, eliminating differences between the poor and the rich as well as the unsatisfactory inequalities between men and women, the antagonism between the young and the old, the friction between the races. The works by some of the most prominent Lithuanian artists are also exhibited and thus a local narrative of violent historical circumstances, occupations and liberations and drastic social changes emerges.

Why Is It Hard to Love? is a very personal project for Boddeke and Greenaway as the narrative of the exhibition is based on the poem written by Saskia Boddeke for their youngest daughter Pip. Through this poem and its main character Susa Bubble she tries to inform her daughter what’s happening in the world. S. Boddeke together with her husband P. Greenaway, who is contributing with his own wall drawings in the exhibition, expresses what worries them as parents: their child having to deal with the terrifying changes that the migrant, ecological and political crises will bring. Equal rights and tolerance to one another become especially pressing issues in a world where huge groups of people—often prompted by worsening climatic conditions—leave their homes in search for a better life. Facing these changes is difficult in the current political climate where tensions between the countries are strengthening and radical right-wing movements are gaining a foothold. However, the exhibition carries a hopeful message: our struggle is exactly what gives our existence meaning.

Exhibitions curated by the artists were previously shown at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, Rijksmuseum, Jewish Museum Berlin, Italian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennial and many other institutions all over the world.

This is not a typical exhibition – it’s like a movie that we invite you to experience yourself. As there is no strict order of artworks here, feel free to move in the space the way you want. The exhibited pieces extend the storyline of the film, so we invite you to create their characters yourself.

If you wish to hear the detailed descriptions of the artworks, you can access our extended e. guide on your phone
There is a pool and flashing lights in the exhibition hall. It’s also dark. Please be careful!

MO muziejus | Paroda | Kodėl taip sunku mylėti
MO muziejus | Paroda | Kodėl taip sunku mylėti

Exhibition team


Poem, film installation, design – Saskia Boddeke
Drawings, Susa Bubble statue – Peter Greenaway
Collages, drawings, animations – Pip Greenaway
Music composition – Luca D’Alberto
Video editing – Elmer Leupen
Light design – Maarten Warmerdam
Sound design – Danny Weijermans
Calligraphy – Linas Spurga junior
Props – Baltic Art Force
Decorations: Indrė Lubytė, Diana Remeikytė, Titas Vilkaitis, Veronika Guželytė

Cast – Pip Greenaway
Director – Saskia Boddeke
Director of photography – Ruzbeh Babol
Gaffer – Edwin Bakker
Make-up design – Anna de Vriend

SB&PG projects
Production managers: Annette Mosk, Lotte Schmidt

Exhibition team: Ugnė Paberžytė, Ieva Stasevičiūtė, Paulius Vitkauskas, Deima Žuklytė-Gasperaitienė
Graphic design – Tadas Karpavičius