Through V. B. perspective: Artworks by Monika Furmana and Jolanta Kyzikaitė - MO
Through V. B. perspective: Artworks by Monika Furmana and Jolanta Kyzikaitė
2019 03 23 – 2019 05 06

Have you ever visited an artist’s studio? Have you had the opportunity to observe the
creative process from up close? MO Museum founder Viktoras Butkus offers us an inside look
into the creative processes behind the works of two contemporary Lithuanian artists – Monika
Furmana and Jolanta Kyzikaitė. This footage shows how a canvas “grows” from the first
brushstrokes to the final execution of an idea. As he films the creative process Butkus establishes
a connection with each artist and creates a record of the unique moments in a painting’s

The images provide us an intimate glimpse into each artist’s creative environment.
Very different creative principles are at play here: while Kyzikaitė uses sketches to
structure and plan the content of a painting, Furmana improvises and draws on her figure
drawings, which are related to images from the Internet. Kyzikaitė’s paintings open up multiple
interpretations of the theme of play, speaking to us about human values as well as social and
autobiographical themes. Furmana’s works, on the other hand, create a mystical and evolving
portrait of woman that captures life experience and explores the question of identity.

The painters Monika Furmana and Jolanta Kyzikaitė have a masterful command of large-
format painting and do not get lost during the painting process. But in both cases we also see that
the creative process is neither linear nor predictable. There can be unexpected moments when the
artists stray from their original ideas and embrace bold experimentation. These short films give
us an inside view of these artists’ creative routines and an idea of the creative challenges they

We invite you to visit the exposition of two artworks “Through V. B. perspective: Artworks by Monika Furmana and Jolanta Kyzikaitė“ until April 25. 

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